So who are we and what are we about?

We have been around a great long while. In fact I opened my first street fighter fan site when Street Fighter 2 first showed up in arcades. I was armed with nothing more than 2MB of web space and a passion for street fighter. Several web site designs and a few name changes later and you have what you see before you. 

So just who are we anyway? We are collectors of art and media from all around the web. We used to be everything related but have since changed to media only. We maintain a historical database of artwork for what will soon be all the street fighter games. We are collectors of artwork both from Capcom and from you the fans. We love Costume Play and the dedicated people who put it together. However we are more than just art, we also collect skins, sound effects, music mp3's, Fan Fiction and stories. Last but not least we track the latest news we can find. It may not be every little update but we try to keep up to date with the big stories out there for Capcom and its fighting games.

There will always be one thing we are about. We will always increase our artwork, add new galleries, and document every piece of data we can find for historical purposes. We will make it available for everyone to download and use. We know there are many people out there that Tag, Create wallpaper, or use the images as inspiration for a brand new creation. Art has always been our passion and it will be our main focus on this site.

What is the background and history of Street Fighter Media?

This site has a long history that goes back into the early 90's. We originally had the name of Street Fighter Heaven and were nothing more than a fan site. We posted news items, had some images as many as we could for having an internet connection 56.6 phone connection. We hosted the site with AOL and a modest 2MB of space. It was the start of something that would eventually launch me into a career of web design and programming.

In the later 90's we managed to get away from AOL and moved to Geocities which at the time was its own company. We created another name change this time it was labeled Street Fighter Haven. We started working with other street fighter sites to organize a community for all street Fighter Fans. The lead of this small moment was a site called GPOW aka Gouki's Page of Whatever. Allot of what I learned about web design came from his site.

We moved hosts yet again this time a private host who offered us free space along with access to Databases, PHP and CGI. We took a major leap forward. Over time we went through another change in name, this time Street Fighter Extreme. We added a full artwork gallery, started our fan fiction section for fans to create stories on the site for themselves. Also added was a forum for fans to talk strategies and post artwork.

Eventually good things come to an end and our free hosting dropped the site without notice and we lost everything. With no backups we had to recreate the site from scratch. We got advertising to support us and we paid for a host this time. Now with the new hosting we were able to buy a domain name as well.  Thus changing our name again to street Fighter X. this is why you still see the URL of streetfighterx.org and .com today. With the new design came new software. We switched from static pages to a CMS (Content Management System) to provide all our content. In 6 short months we had restored the site, added a new gallery that now included a history gallery, a fan art gallery, and a sprite gallery. The site had grown to a size of almost 4 GB. We created a RPG on the site that worked with the forums which was a big hit. 

In 2007 we split the site up into sections. We removed the RPG and sold that to another site which unfortunately died off after a year. We kept the News, galleries, and fan fictions. We removed the reviews, profiles, and strategies to open another site. However our partner was not able to take over the site and so those parts were also lost. We rebranded as a site called Fightersx.com and started reporting news on other fighting games other than street fighter. We changed CMS software to be CPGnuke. As you can guess allot of experimentation was going on.

By 2009 things had settled down and we had decided to be a media only site. We did some researching and decided for our needs we would use the Joomla CMS which we still use to this day. We also decided we would use only WEB 2.0 and CSS 2.0 now CSS 3.0 standards. The site name was still Street Fighter X. We finally accomplished artwork galleries for all Street Fighter Characters. We moved into Heavy video content. However after a year of testing decided video was not what we wanted for this site.

In 2011 we made one other change moving to Street Fighter X 3.0 which we are now code named Street Fighter Media. The name was actually provided by the founder of Street Fighter Devotion. This is where we come to today. We are still about Street Fighter, we still have galleries and fan fiction. We have added Cosplay and we still do some video. It has been a long learning road. There have been several times we almost disappeared due to life tragedies, financial failures, bad ideas and more. But we always seem to stick around. 

What's in the future for Street Fighter Media?

Well since all the chaos of 2007 to 2010, I believe we have finally calmed down. We have a firm idea of what this site will be and where it will go. Right now the galleries will continue to grow as well we are always adding new images every month. We will be expanding the Cosplay section even further. The download section will become more fleshed out as we get a flow of what we want from it. For those who still remember we will be bringing back the Sprite Gallery. It was a major bummer that it was lost. But I still have all those sprites lying around so it will make a comeback. 

We do appreciate all our viewers and fans if it wasn’t for you guys this site would have been gone years ago.