Street Fighter Media Site coming to an end!

Since 1992 Street Fighter Media, also know back then as Street Fighter Xtreme has been around for fans. We have taken many shapes over all these years. We started out as a news site, then added in a Fan Art Gallery, Profile directory, Fan Fiction, Moves Directory, Fully fleshed out Wiki, a working Street Fighter RPG inside our comminty Forums, and many more. We have gone from static HTML, to Perl Scripting, to PHPNUKE CMS, to CPGNUKE, to Joomla. Through all of this the site made many changes to what it is now.

Now it is time to close out the site, Myself and my team have all become older, started families, and have many various priorities. As some of you may already know updates have been almost extinct now for the better part of 2 years. I feel all of us lack the time to continue on this site and its original misson. Fear not though. The primary focus of the site, its galleries, will continue on through Google+ and Google Photos.

Over the last two years I did complete one major project for this site so it could live on in some way. I moved all the Media files over to google in the forum of Brand Pages complete with albums. These were all connected into this website and thats how this site functioned. It allowed this site to continue with almost no updates. It also garenteed that when this site disappears the media it served will still be accessable going forward with no cost to myself. One of the major reason for closing the website down was the cost. While we do use minimal advertising the ROI was less then 0.001% which only covers about 50% of the cost.

So I want to thank all of you out there that stayed with us all these years, It will be sad to go but perhaps I will still catch some of you over at the google+ pages. As one last note I am looking for people to act as moderators for the google+ pages and in special cases perhaps managers as well. The community pages could use some time and some life pumped into it for anyone who has a pasion for it. Message me at any of the pages.